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Time is money, and in the trading world, it has a direct influence. Each second matters, that is why our execution of orders is one of the fastest in the field with the highest quality included.


Promising future

You can obtain lucrative trading results with our educational materials aimed to shape from you a professional trader. Learn how to trade and do so successfully with us!


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Our modern terminal enabling you to trade with limited risk and unlimited opportunities. Simple and effortless trade to reach utmost.


Account selection

PrimeOnline offers you to choose among four different account types developed with the regard to customers' needs with different trading baggage. The trading accounts are created to provide you the best trading conditions. Open an account with us to start earning!

  • to guide beginners on their first steps
  • to boost trading confidence
  • to provide what traders need
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Guide to success: Trading strategies

Every professional trader knows that the right trading strategy is halfway to victory. We are happy to present the main trading strategies so that you could improve your trading skills. Study the top strategies and decide what type of trading suits you more.

1. Scalping is a very short-term trade taking a few minutes to open a position. The scalper strives to quickly make a profit of several points.

2. Intraday trading, also called day trading, is the buying and selling of financial instruments within the same day. Daily Forex strategies (or intraday Forex strategies) imply that trades can only last for a few hours and the timeframe can be set for one or two minutes.

3. Swing trading is when positions are held from several days up to several months so that a trader could profit from unexpected price movements.

4. Position trading is a long-term trade when a trader holds a position in an asset from several weeks to years. Position traders concentrate on the long-term performance of an asset.


Take a close look at a bunch of markets we are giving access to.

Major pairs with minor commissions. Access the most liquid market to capitalize on the international global volatility. Trade with the majority of Currency pairs, including Majors, Minors, and Exotics.

Take the most out of the largest stock market indexes, including the SP500, DAX, FTSE, and DJ30. You can now trade the world’s top companies in one instrument.

Seize the opportunity to benefit from the moves of the biggest companies in the world. Trade stocks to multiply your income.

Trade Energies now and open the perks of trading with PrimeOnline. Trading Energies allows you to choose from energy products, specifically crude oil and natural gas.

Trading precious metals is a great way to diversify your portfolio. Trade gold and silver against the US Dollar and other major currencies with PrimeOnline.

Innovative Trading terminal

Let’s break the bounds with our powerful trading platform!

250+ Instruments

Analytical tools helping you to make better-informed decisions for higher chances to succeed.

24/5 any place

Get access to the trading account whenever needed. Trade on the go, trade via a browser. Everything is possible with PrimeOnline.

Full customization

Customize the platform the way you like. Choose mode, zoom, and shape your quick menu.

Automated Trading

Watch your money growing. Set up the robot to trade instead of you. Choose a trading strategy and let the robot do the business.